About Us

Mark IV is privately owned INDIAN MNC having branches in INDIA. Mark IV is distributor/reseller of various ranges of IT/Telecom products like Fire Alarm Systems,Access Control,Wireless Radios,Switches(L2/L3),Surveillance cameras. Mark IV also provides consultancy to various verticals for promoting their business nationally and at international platform. We represent mid size and national level companies from around the globe in Indian market.

Our Goal is to provide the best support to our Channel Partners and enterprise customer that’s why we analyze each prospective company to determine whether we are in position to provide the value which they are looking for specific segment and support them to make the connections they require.

We have worked with lot of companies directly and indirectly and enabled them to put their footprints in specific market segment.
We already served various verticals viz: IT, Telecom, Medical equipments, FMCG, service companies, legal consultancy companies’ e.t.c.

By doing Contract Agreement with MARK IV an enterprise customer/OEM/Partners

  • Increase Productivity, Retention and Satisfaction
  • Better Sourcing and Pricing
  • Timely Delivery and Professional Processes
  • Increased sales and Profits
  • Increase confidence and success
  • Gained Brand equity in that region
  • Less Efforts and More Results
  • Minimum Expense and More reach nationally or globally
  • Got advantage of 15 years of research and sales of our sales consultants
  • Brand Building in less time.


Indian companies, desiring expansion do hire MARK IV in almost all territorial parts of India to strengthen existing network or to create all new base of:

  • Distributors
  • Franchisee
  • Resellers
  • Selling Agents
  • Global Partners
  • Dealer Network
  • Direct Marketer
  • Stockists
  • Sourcing
  • Marketing

For International Companies:-

We assist foreign companies to achieve their commercial mission in India, by establishing the effective distribution network of:

  • C&F Agents
  • Distributors
  • System Integrators
  • Importers
  • Indian Partners (mandatory for foreign companies)
  • Channel partners
  • Legal Consultancy
  • Brand Building

Philosophy of consultancy

Mark IV has professional consultants which will support the companies by understanding the basic needs of the companies.
Mark IV Sales consultants represent a company's products or services in order to obtain new customers. The term sales consultant is broad because the exact duties and scope of responsibilities depend on the type of business. For example, some sales consultants help other businesses improve their sales force. Other sales consultants inform and advise customers or clients about products or services with the primary goal of generating sales.

It is important for every type of sales consultant to be able to meet the needs of customers. One of the biggest mistakes sales consultants can make is to lack a deep understanding of the product or service that they represent. Slightly more knowledge than the customer is not usually enough for a consultant, since consultants are considered to be experts and advisors in their field.

Mark IV sales consultant always interview and analyze the client accurately in order to generate successful selling of products or services. Mark IV Sales consultants have the ability to adjust a general product or service to fit the customer's exact needs, desires and expectations. Samples and demonstrations may be used to help accomplish this. For example, a sales consultant for a cosmetics company may offer a free makeup session using the company's products. The consultant must be an expert in choosing the colors that complement each individual's skin tone and apply a successful look so that the individual becomes a customer by buying the make up products to take home and use.

The main idea behind sales consulting is to consult with the client, pinpoint his or her needs and then meet those needs. Other than being well-informed about the products or services to be sold, it also helps for sales consultants to be passionate about what they sell. Truly communicating with the customer is essential. This is likely to be easier when there is a true passion for and belief in the product or service.

Mark IV sales consultant that works on a business to business (B2B) basis must also understand the process of sales in relation to a business. These consultants advise other businesses on how to improve their sales such as through strategic planning and marketing efforts that reach the target market. That’s why Mark IV has different levels of sales consultants range from entry level to management which help companies to grow and giving them strategic decisions to pitch the products or services in the market in efficient manner.