AGNI Saftey Equipments

AGNI Saftey Equipments

Pranavi Devices has designed high quality safety and protection products for a wide range of fire alarm systems including control panels, fire alarm components and many more.
The addition of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility enables us to maintain quality assurance as we continue to expand throughout the whole world. With our distributors serving over 20 states across the country, we have established a nation-wide distribution network.

Pranavi devices have built a fine reputation based on our customers' feedback. We continually bring new products into the market because Pranavi Devices knows what customers need. Pranavi Devices has a long-term devotion to the fire alarm business with only one purpose – "We are concerned about people's life."

Product Portfolio

  • Fire Panels(FAS 3000/3500/5000)
  • Accessories(Hooters and RI-ABS)
  • Autodialers (AD2030 and GSM)
  • Detectors and sensors-System sensor and Apollo(Optical and Heat Sensors)
  • Hooters
  • Wireless Fire Alarm
  • Accessories

Detailed Datasheets Are attached for reference.

FAS 3500:-

FAS 3000:-

FAS 5000:-

Accessories ,Hooters



Wireless Fire Alarms system