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Audio Conferencing Solution by Novus Innovations

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Organizations, Business owners encounter overbooked meeting rooms and employees require an effective tool to communicate rapidly, implementing an audio conference system into your organization provides you a solution. If any company is incurring high expenses for conference calls using external conferencing service providers or if you have employees spread around in multiple locations, use inBridge - our audio conference bridge for the following reasons.

  • Save money on conferencing compared to your current costs to an outside service provider
  • Enable Audio Conference Bridge use without worry about per minute fees.
  • Extend the conferencing and collaboration culture across the enterprise, so other departments like service and support, development etc can use the facility to communicate and increase productivity.
  • Users of the conference bridge come together and collaborate in moments notice making decision making faster and project completed on time.
  • Secure environment to discuss your business and strategies compared to using a third party audio conference bridge provider.
  • Leverage the telecom switching platform that is the core of the conference bridge and extend it to host telecom applications like connecting remote offices, PBX, IVR and contact centre solutions

inBridge - Audio Conference Bridge


The audio conference bridge is defined with a set of features required for proper functioning in an enterprise, however the system is highly customizable where features can be added and customized to user requirements. The audio conference bridge includes a browser based interface for the users to self managed the conferences as well as for the administrator to manage and monitor the functioning of the bridge. The browser based interface enables the bridge to be managed from anywhere using IP access.

  • Users dial in and input their PIN into an interactive voice response system.
  • Conferences can be configured to limited or unlimited seats with no access restrictions
  • Reservation less conference setup where the conference is available for use always
  • PIN based conference room access, custom PIN as well as PIN expiration available as options
  • Dial-out conferencing, the host can call and bring a participant into conference using keypad.
  • Conference invitations via SMS, Email and system auto-dial.
  • Extended keypad command set used when web dashboard access is not an option
  • Custom greetings and private labelling of the interface with your company logo
  • Recording of conference proceeding by host and later available for download
  • A full control meeting dashboard available to the host including active talker indicator, the list of participants, connect times, option to lock, mute and disconnect participants.

Reporting view details on attendees' participation in individual conferences, and their call activity. Generate call detail reports, including specific account codes, call participants, call times and duration of calls, in order to bill the appropriate parties. Conference Call Data Records available online, and in downloadable format for billing and charge back purposes Various Types of Conversation:

  • Reservation-Less
  • Reserved or Scheduled Conferences
  • On-the-Fly Conference
  • Outbound Conference

Many Conversation Modes:

  • Conversation Mode
  • Presentation or Lecture Mode

Intuitive Interface for Organizers and Operators

  • Real time control and management for the moderator
  • Provides monitoring of active conferences through the dashboard.
  • Real time control for the Conference Operator
  • Extensive Security Features
  • Dial Out Conferencing
  • Call Recording and Playback Web, Phone, Streaming
  • Moderator Touch-Tone Control
  • Participant Touch-Tone Commands
  • Customizable Message Greetings via email & SMS

Reasons to consider inBridge for your organization...

  • The system installs on industry standard personal computer and use Linux operating system. This makes it very cost effective to maintain in your environment.
  • Low price point for entry and to provide audio conferencing in your organization.
  • Every aspect of the bridge function and features are easily customizable.
  • Personalized interface including company logo, message prompts and branding of the user interface
  • Scalable to the conference requirement of small, medium and large businesses. The capacity is only limited to the server resource availability.
  • One time licensing cost and no port or channel limitations
  • The audio conference bridge provides your clients with a web interface to use and manage their own conference. Conference control and administration available over intranet and internet
  • Interface with ease with your existing PBX systems using T1/E1, ISDN PRI interface and/or use SIP protocols.
  • The audio conference solution's core is a telecom switching layer. This capability can be utilized to host other telecom applications like PBX, IVR systems using the same infrastructure