iCallMate - An Advanced Business Communication Solutions

iCallMate offers complete end-to-end automation along with the integrations with the existing setup and customizations. iCallMate offers wide range of CTI capabilities like Blended, ACD, Dialer (Predictive/Progressive/Preview), IVRS, SMS, Voice Mail, Voice Manager (Logging and Auditing), Advanced GUI Based Reporting, Real-time Manager Consoles, Quality & Auditing Management Tools, CRM, Lead Management, Campaign Management along with many more customized modules.

Business Communications can be characterized into customer support, help desks, sales and telemarketing, collections, directory services and market research, etc. Contact Centres running such business communication processes seek a competitive edge with a solution that

  • Reduces your investment in terms of time and money
  • Is easy to use for your agents, supervisors and IT
  • Is scalable and flexible
  • Maintains itself and does not require constant supervision

The architecture and core platform of iCallMate has been designed using latest communications technologies. It is extremely flexible and customizable as per the market requirements because of its multi switch setup.

The architecture allows various modules of icallMate to interact with each other on a well-defined interface. This provides easy integration with existing applications and infrastructure, high up-time and faster development of customized applications.

It enables redundancy at multiple levels of the infrastructure thereby providing high scalability from 10 to 10,000 seats or more. iCallMate builds on the existing infrastructure and offers easy extensibility without heavy investments into telephony equipment, hardware and system software (OS & database) saving up to 80% of the operating system costs.


iCallMate offers innovative inbound, outbound and blended solutions for business communications that are ideal for all kinds of Contact Centres (international/domestic), Small and Medium Business as well as Enterprises. Available with CRM and can be integrated with 3rd party CRM and database. With advanced monitoring & Analytical Tools and reporting capabilities at supervisor/manager level, iCallMate eliminates investment in any additional components, while concurrently ensuring that you do not compromise on the service quality. Equipped with a host of features such as multi-site environment, skill-based routing, CTI, integration with IP-PBX/PBX, ACD, outbound modes with predictive dialing, IVR, voicemail, call recording, web-based Quality Monitoring, and web-based Reporting, ICallMate is ideal for business processes such as customer and technical support, help desk, sales and telemarketing, collections, directory services and market research.


  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
  • IVRS (interactive Voice Response System)
  • Auto Dialer - Predictive, Progressive, preview Mode
  • Web based Administrator Application
  • Agent Desktop Application
  • Web-Based Reporting & Supervisor Module for Real-Time Information
  • CRM, integration with 3rd party CRM
  • Agent based Voice Recording (Extension & Channel based Recording)
  • Connectors for various communication interfaces like, Chat, Email, Fax & SMS


  • CTI - Computer Telephony Integration
  • Available with Server based & PBX based solution
  • Integration with any IP PBX/TDM PBX
  • IVRS - Single Level to Multi Level IVR with integration with 3rd party database
  • Advanced Auto Dialer - Manual, Preview, Progressive & Predictive Dialer
  • Queue Management Priority / Skill based Priority
  • Blended Call Support
  • Voice Blasting Application
  • Call back Management, Transfer/ Hold/ Conference, Caller History
  • Multiple Campaign Management, Lead Management
  • Agent Desktop (Windows GUI)
  • Default CRM Form Designer Tool
  • Time Zone Support
  • DNC Management, Blacklist Management, Missed call Management
  • Voice Recording, Voice File Encryption, Voice File Tagging
  • SMS Connector, Email Connector, Chat Connector
  • 3rd Party Integration / URL Integration Advanced
  • Web-based Reporting Module