Mark IV has professional consultants which will support the companies by understanding the basic needs of the companies

Mark IV Sales consultants represent a company's products or services in order to obtain new customers. The term sales consultant is broad because the exact duties and scope of responsibilities depend on the type of business. For example, some sales consultants help other businesses improve their sales force. Other sales consultants inform and advise customers or clients about products or services with the primary goal of generating sales.

C&F Agents, Distributors and dealers-Channel Creation


Marketing and Surveys for new launching products

Enterprise selling

Legal Consultancy

Sourcing and Import consultancy


  • Brand Building
  • Product Launch
  • Management Trainings
  • Channel Creation
  • Legal consultancy
  • Sourcing and vendor
  • Management
  • Sales & marketing Consultancy
  • International Tie ups
  • Franchisee developments
  • System Integration