Wireless Backhaul

Wireless Solutions for Backhauling and Last Mile Connectivity

Any wide area network needs to be connected but copper or fiber solutions are expensive and can take months to install. MARK IV Offers wireless backhaul solutions provide extension of copper or fiber network infrastructure to connect new locations. Our Wireless network Products spread connectivity to multiple locations in a service area to enable data, voice, and video connectivity. Connect campus locations in a fraction of the time with field-proven wireless broadband technology.

MARK IV can offer various solutions on wireless:-

  • 1) Point to Point Solutions
  • 2) Point to Multipoint solutions
  • 3) Wi-max solutions

A wide range of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radio systems, multiple applications to be supported and deployed
MARK IV can provide licensed and unlicensed band products support large Tier-1 service providers, enterprise customers, oil, gas industry, wireless ISPs, video surveillance applications, remote rural networks, and voice and data backhaul applications to solve last mile challenges

Wireless Solutions are Simple to install, provide high-capacity bandwidth, efficient and secure wireless bridging. Customers got benefit from a scalable connection between their base stations and remote subscriber stations and are easily connected to wireless cells, enterprises, municipalities, Video Surveillance connectivity or other remote facilities.

As a wireless reseller company we will offer the strongest portfolio of BWA solutions with all focus frequencies from 3.5 GHz to 40 GHz, end-to-end solution with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services.
Presently in India 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz is a free spectrum and will be free for commercial use Also Backhaul radio’s are extensively used by various service providers in India.

Now First of all, who are the major customers in India for wireless answer is?

  • Large Enterprises / Corporate Companies
  • Wireless Service providers / Internet Service providers
  • Indian Government
  • Indian Defense Academy / Paramilitary Forces
  • Call Centers / BPO / KPO
  • Major SWAN Projects (State Wide Area Network)
  • Transpotation departments like Railways ,Airways, Local Transport companies
  • Small one time SOHO Users like small cable operators e.t.c
  • Educations (colleges and Universities)
  • Video Surveillance solutions on Wireless backhaul

So these are the segments where a company push wireless and Broadband Access products

Products we offer for Wireless backhaul is:-

  • Cambium
  • Eion Wireless
  • Engenius